YSI ProOBOD Optical BOD System

YSI ProOBOD Manual


The benefits of optical DO technology have moved from the field to the lab!  The YSI ProOBOD optical sensor reduces time and maintenance costs.  It resists fouling from hydrogen sulfide and requires no warm up time or membrane changes.  Simply replace the optical membrane cap yearly.  The ProOBOD sensor's tapered body fits into a standard 300 mL BOD bottle and features a built-in stirrer ensuring a representative sample and fast response time.  Guarded tip protects sensor cap when transferring between bottles.

Smart sensor deisng stores calibration data in the probe allowing it to be mvoed between meters without the need for calibration.  The ProOBOD is IP-65 rated and is compatible with the YSI ProODO meter - simply change the probe.  USe one meter for field and laboratory BOD measurements!

Purchase a complete meter/probe kit or the probe alone.  The OBOD lab kit includes the IP-67 rated, waterproof ProODO meter, ProOBOD probe, lab dock that holds the meter and BOD bottle and power supplies for the instrument and probe.  The advanced kits adds BODA II desktop BOD software.  Probe includes a sensor cap and power supply.  2 year warrant; 1 year sensor cap warranty.

Specifications Dissolved Oxygen Temperature

0 to 50 mg/L
(0 to 500% sat)

-5 to 50 degrees C
Accuracy: 0 to 20 mg/L:+/- 0.1 mg/L or 1% of reading
20 to 50 mg/L: +/- 15% of reading
+/- 0.2 degrees C
Resolution: 0.01 mg/L (0.1% sat) 0.1 degrees C



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ProOBOD Lab Kit

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Advanced ProOBOD Lab Kit

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ProODO Meter Only

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ODO Field Probe only with 12' Cable

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ODO Field Probe only with 30' Cable

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ProOBOD Probe Only

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Soft Carrying Case

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Belt Clip

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Lab Dock

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Sensor Cap for ProOBOD

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Sensor Cap for Field Probe