Rust-Oleum® Spray Smart™ Marking Paint

  • A marking paint system designed for the demands of locating companies
  • No more transporting empty cans to the disposal facility
  • Paint covers in one pass on any substrate - dirt, asphalt, grass, snow, and sand
  • Pouch change outs are fast and easy - no more can shaking
  • Unique transparent pouch - lets you see how much paint you have left
  • Fits existing marking wands


A first of its kind! Patent-pending, propellant-free delivery system for spraying marking paint. The SpraySmart™ system operates on compression technology to spray paint using pouches that can be disposed of in regular trash and take up far less room to store (10 pouches take up the same amount of space as one 20 oz spray can).

SpraySmart™ Marking Device
The SpraySmart™ Marking Device is a self-contained, rechargeable unit that is 2-3/4" in diameter by 14" high and is supplied with both a wall charger and a USB charger. Lithium ion battery sprays up to 48 paint pouches when fully charged. The marking device will indicate when the battery is running low with a flashing bar on the power panel. You can spray approximately 9 more pouches when that occurs. Charge time for the wall charger is 4-6 hours for a complete charge. Charge time for the USB charger is dependent on the voltage.

The distance to the substrate will determine how wide the paint line is. On average a 4" distance will produce a 1-1/4 to 2" line. The SpraySmart™ system marks more linear feet than the leading competitor.

The lightweight SpraySmart™ marking device self monitors and maintains spray pressure and can spray in any direction on any substrate in any weather condition. The heavy-duty design withstands everyday wear and tear of a locators normal routine.

SpraySmart™ Paint Pouches
The pouches are ready to use in less than 30 seconds and contain 10.5 fl oz. Transparent pouch equals no waste. See how much paint is left and use it all! Eliminates throwing away partially filled cans and can be disposed of in regular trash. You can carry more paint in the trucks which means fewer trips to the warehouse to restock your truck. The pouches remain stable and intact even in the hottest weather. Non-clogging paint tip and custom design allows for quick color changes in the field.

Price per pouch shown. Must be purchased by the carton (12 pouches). Discounts available for 6 or more cartons.
QTY R275124
SpraySmart Marking Device
QTY R278383
APWA Alert Orange, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275085
Fluorescent Orange, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R278384
Fluorescent Red-Orange, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275087
Fluorescent Green, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275088
Fluorescent Pink, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275090
Fluorescent Red, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275089
Safety Red, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R278381
Safety Purple, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R278382
Safety Green, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275086
Caution Blue, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R278466
Caution Yellow, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275092
High Visibility Yellow, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R275091
White, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R278278
Black, 12 pouch minimum
QTY R278380
Silver, 12 pouch minimum
QTY P45926
Marking Pistol
QTY P55910
Marking Wand
QTY P55920
Spray Can Holster