Milwaukee Laser Temperature Guns

M227621 Model M227620 Model

These infrared temperature laser guns will give you quick and accurate readings of temperatures on motors and other equipment in your plant. Heat kills motor, pumps and blowers quicker than anything!

The M227621 unit features a laser range of -22° to 1,472° F. It also has the ability to measure contact temperatures from -40° to 1,022° F. In addition, it features a 41:1 distance to spot ratio and includes an extra bright LED floodlight for versatility in the dark or low light situations. Store up to 20 temperatures values in the built-in memory so you can record them at a later date.

Model M226620 has a surface temperature range of -20° to 932° F. The unit features a 12:1 distance to spot ratio. Also features on this unit is a configurable Hi/Low alarm to aid when checking sensitive equipment. A K-type thermocouple input for contact temperature is also included..




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M227621 Laser Temperature Gun

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M227620 Laser Temperature Gun