Hydrant Nozzle Saver - 2.5" NST

Avoid Nozzle Damage

The Nozzle Saver is constructed of schedule 40 aluminum piping making it lightweight, easy to handle and very durable. The Nozzle Saver has a 2.5 inch swivel female NST connection to the hydrant and male NST outlet outlet thread.

The 30" offset design allows its use on hydrants of varying heights, making it very versatile. Make sure to specify to contactors that meters, backflow devices and other equipment must be on the ground and not hanging off a hose nozzle that could rip out under the weight.

The Nozzle Saver puts the weight of hydrant meters, backflow devices and shut off valves on the ground, avoiding damage to the hose nozzle.

Remember: some older hydrants still have "leaded in" nozzles which may come loose with little force on them.

The Nozzle Saver prevents costly damage to fire hydrant hose nozzles



QTY NozSave2.5

Hydrant Nozzle Saver 2.5 NST