TW-8800 Multi-Frequency Line Tracer


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  • Easy to use! Simple one handed operation
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing for accurate utility locating
  • Multi-frequency operation - choose the best frequency for the job!
  • Automatic Gain Control for Maximum Sensitivity
  • Audio and visual Left/Right guidance
  • Push Button Depth Measurement
  • Passive locating modes (power & radio frequencies)
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display
  • Weather resistance design

P50420 TW-8800 Manual


The new TW-8800 features a receiver with 3 Active, and 2 Passive Frequencies to give you a great choice for tracing on different types of utilities. A large display gives you very easy-to-read information with a backlight for night use. Battery life is 80 hours on 6 C cells. Depth measurement is done at the push of a button. Active frequency choices are 82 kHz, 8.2 kHz and 820 kHz. Passive modes are 50/60 Hz and radio frequency.

The TW-8800 Transmitter allows you to hook up conductively or inductively and has 7 watts of power for the lower frequencies. A meter and two switches make transmitter setup simple and quick. Battery life is 70 hours on eight D Cells

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TW-8800 Multi-frequency Line Locator Complete with Ground stake, cables for direct connection mode, hard carrying case and manual

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Coupling Clamp

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