Handi-Clam Catch Basin Cleaner





The Handi-Clam can pick up large objects like bricks, stones and wet leaves. The spring-load mechanism allows vice like action without damage to the tool. The Handi-Clam will not clog from mud or sand.

The Handi-Clam reaches right up to basin sidewalls and cleans sides and corners completely. When the locking handle is released, the shovels are automatically in the digging position.

Lift Handi-Clam from the basin by the housing. Handi-Clam won't lose the load while bringing it through water or difficult basin openings. The shovels open by releasing the handle.  14 to 20 foot cleaners available - Please call or request a quote online!

Ships via UPS or Fed Ex for lengths up to 8'.  Lengths over 8' ship via Truck.


QTY P52425

Basin Cleaner 6' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52420

Basin Cleaner 7' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52421

Basin Cleaner 8' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52423

Basin Cleaner 10' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52424

Basin Cleaner 12' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52427

Basin Cleaner 14' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52426

Basin Cleaner 16' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52428

Basin Cleaner 18' w/12" Shovel

QTY P52429

Basin Cleaner 20' w/12" Shovel