NUPLA Refuse Claw


Having trouble reaching garbage hung up in your treatment plant? Need help cleaning the bar screen? The Nupla refuse claw will help reach where others fall short. Designed with durability in mind the Nupla refuse claw has an all steel head with 4 tines for picking up most anything that gets stuck in your waste stream. The handle is fiberglass and offers Nuplas lifetime guarantee.

For hard to reach places, there is the Nupla NUPOLE system. This system offers the ability to snap together 3’ sections to a maximum of 15'. This gives the ability to reach things you otherwise couldn’t. The system consists of a 3’ Claw section, a 3’ top handle with rubber grip and up to three-3’ NUPOLE extensions. So you can make a 6’, 9’, 12’ or 15’ unit. Nupla does not recommend extending over 15' total. The sections are fitted with connectors made of aircraft aluminum and quick release buttons for attaching to the claw and the top handle.




QTY P52460

Refuse Claw with Fixed Handle, 6'

QTY P52461

Refuse Claw 3' Head Section with Connector

QTY P52462

Center Section 3', With Connectors

QTY P52463

Handle 3', With Connector