Pollard Easy Reach

  • Picks up everything from dimes to bricks
  • Extend Your Reach and Grab Objects
  • Compact Design for Tight Spaces
  • Thermal Rubber Caps Grab Odd Shapes
  • Capable of Lifting 5 lb. Objects
  • Standard and Folding Designs Available

You'll find dozens of uses for this labor-saver, like cleaning traps & manholes of rocks and debris, grabbing objects from hard to reach places, and changing light bulbs.  You can even retrieve golf balls from ponds and pick fruit from trees.  Its sensitive enough to pick up small screws and washers, yet strong enough to pick up a 5 lb. rock.  The articulating Tongs open up to 4-1/2 inches and feature durable yet supple precision Caps to grab odd shapes easily.

The Locking Trigger Handle allows you to lift the object with both hands free. Made of extruded Aluminum and Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance.


QTY P52901

EasyReach 32"

QTY P52902

EasyReach 40"

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EasyReach 60"

QTY P52904

EasyReach (Folding Model) 72"

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EasyReach (Folding Model) 96"

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EasyReach (Folding Model) 120"

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Replacement Cups (2 Pack)