Lowell Valve Key Socket Set

Valve Key Sockets solve problem of worn valve nuts


  • Field proven solution

  • Compact size

  • Low cost & maintenance than alternative tools

  • Rugged and durable

  • 100% made in the USA


When attached to a valve key (purchased separately), Valve Key Socket Sets are designed to easily and securely grip valve nuts that may have become rounded or corroded.  Each kit contains small, medium and large sockets, as well as hardware for connecting each socket to valve key.  All sockets are made of zinc-plated, hardened steel and are high-visibility yellow to help locate them in low light conditions.  A durable carrying case houses all components. 

Operation is simple.  A worker attaches the correct socket to a valve key with the screw and attachment plate included in the kit.  Once the socket is positioned onto the valve nut, the worker firmly hammers the top of the valve key to force the socket onto the nut and secure it.  The worker can then open or close the valve as normal.


QTY P66050

Lowell Valve Key Socket Set with case

QTY 66901A

Socket Only, Small

QTY 66902A

Socket Only, Medium

QTY 66903A

Socket Only, Large

QTY 66907A

Attachment Plate Only

QTY 66908A

Screw Only for Attachment Plate