TopSide Clamp TC2 - 1/2 to 2 inch

Shut-Off tool for Water and Gas Polyethylene Pipe (1/2" - 2")


Installs from the top of the pipe, eliminating time consuming excavation around or under the pipe.

Simply rotate the sleeve to the pipe size desired, place the open jaws over the pipe and close the handles to lock securely into place.

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The Timberline TopSide TC2 is the first user friendly Shut-Off tool designed for Polyethylene service or distribution lines up to 2" CTS and 2" IPS.

The rotating sleeve adjusts to accommodate four different pipe sizes. Specify up to 4 pipe sizes and the appropriate wall thickness. Choose from the Timberline Tool Selection Chart.

The TC2 is unconditionally guaranteed for 1 full year by Timberline.

  • ½" to 2" CTS .090 to .236 wall thickness

  • ½" to 2" IPS .090 to .295 wall thickness

The TC2 TopLatch™ is an additional safety feature on the TC2 model. The operator selects TopLatch™ to automatically lock jaws closed until manually released.

TC2 length: 26 inches Weight: 12 lb.


   QTY P64412

TC 2 only (no slow release)*

   QTY P64413

TC 2-SR Slow Release*
*Note: Call with 4 Pipe sizes needed.                           Go to TopSide TC2 Accessories Page


NOTE: The P64409 Security Locking Pin and Cable Assembly, ensures safety by remaining locked until manually opened.  This Pin and Cable Assembly comes standard on the P64413 TC2 with Slow Release.

   QTY P64409

TCSP Security Locking Pin and Cable  (standard on Slow Release Models)

   QTY P64414

Extension Handle 36 (Pair) TC2

   QTY P64415

Grounding Rod with 10' Cable

   QTY P64418

TC2 Carrying Case