Distance Measuring Wheel


  • Aluminum construction for all weather use
  • Flat rubber tires ensure accurate rolling with no slip
  • Trigger release brake keeps wheel locked when not in use
  • Easy to handle and carry

The distance measuring wheel is a real time-saver when laying out distribution systems, line and main extensions, underground lines, manhole locations, and inventory and road work. The chassis is constructed of aluminum for all weather use. Flat rubber tires ensure accurate rolling with no slip. A spring operated trigger release plumber brake keeps the wheel locked when not in use.

Easy to handle or carry, it can be quickly and easily disassembled in a few steps, making it even more portable.

To operate, squeeze the metal trigger to release the brake. Set the metal disc to zero. Place the wheel at the starting point. Squeeze the trigger and begin wheeling off the distance required. If you need to stop, reset the brake by squeezing the trigger. To check the distance covered, read the number of feet on the counter, and inches on the metal disc.




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Distance Measuring Wheel

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Vender Counter with Gear and knob

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Trigger with Connector