Reflective Hydrant Paint

Hydreflective paint
  • A reflective hydrant saves valuable time and lives!
  • Reflective paint can be brushed or sprayed on

Pollard's new reflective marking paint provides a coating for marking hydrants where night reflectivity is required.

It can be applied by spraying, brushing, stenciling or rolling. Also provides reflective marking for steel, aluminum, concrete and wood surfaces.

It is available in white, silver, red and yellow. These colors come in quart and gallon containers.

Reflective Hydrant Paint cannot be shipped via air service.  It can be shipped via UPS or Fed Ex Ground Service or via Truck.

It is considered a Hazmat shipment.  Additional Cost will apply to ship this Product in accordance with the Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Regulations, as documented in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations

Yellow Reflective MSDS
White Reflective MSDS
Silver Reflective MSDS



QTY P68214

Reflective White, Gallon

QTY P68215

Reflective Silver, Gallon

QTY P68216

Reflective Yellow, Gallon

QTY P68218

Reflective White, Quart

QTY P68219

Reflective Silver, Quart

QTY P68220

Reflective Yellow, Quart
Red Reflective Paint and other colors available.  Minimum order quantity will apply. Please request quote for Red and any other color needed.