Color Coded Hydrant Flow Identifiers


  • Color code your hydrants for quick ID of flow rates
  • Highly visible reflective tape

Rated Capacity at 20 PSI*:

  • Equal to or greater than 1,500 GPM - BLUE
  • 1,000 to 1,499 GPM - GREEN
  • 500 to 999 GPM - ORANGE
  • Less than 499 GPM - RED

*Source (NFPA 291, 5.1, 2010)


Firefighters need to know as quickly as possible how much water is available from the closest hydrant, so they can rapidly select the appropriate hose capacity for the size and complexity of the fire, but not select lines which would exceed the capacity of the hydrant and thus be ineffective. This information is known as "available flow". Standardized color coding - through various options can immediately convey this critical information to the engine companies, in order to streamline operations and reduce the level of fire hazard.




QTY P68490

2-1/4" X 34" Blue

QTY P68491

2-1/4" X 34" Green

QTY P68492

2-1/4" X 34" Orange

QTY P68493

2-1/4" X 34" Red

QTY P68494

2-1/4" X 34" Yellow