Hydra-Dome Lock
  • All new security design
  • Easy installation
  • Fits most hydrants
  • After install - Dome lock will free spin
  • Can't be accessed or defeated with normal tools
  • Allows fire dept. to use their standard wrench when operating the hydrant
  • Requires special security tool to remove the lock

The Hydra-Dome lock features a cast iron dome with a protective coating. It is designed to fit over the brass operating centerpost on most hydrants. After placing over the centerpost, insert the special stainless steel security plug into the side of the dome and tighten with the security wrench. The plug will fit into a groove in the centerpost, securing it to the centerpost and allowing the dome to spin freely on the hydrant.

A special wrench fits the plugs which is used to install and remove the dome over the centerpost part of the lock. This denies access to all except authorized wrench users.




QTY P68820

Hydra-Dome Lock

QTY P68821

Key Only for Hydra-Dome Lock

Keys for the Hydra-Dome Lock can only be sold to an end user. All Keys must be registered to a SUPERVISOR at a Municipality or Utility only. These cannot be sold to contractors. In addition, these are all special order items and must ship direct from the manufacturer to the registered end user.

Please include the full name, title and phone number of the registered user in the special notes section of your internet order along with the Operating nut size and shape.