Rhino FiberCurve™ Marker Post

The Rhino FiberCurve™ concave design allows the post to flatten out completely when hit, then snap back into its normal upright position.

The Rhino FiberCurve™ will even withstand a direct hit from a tire at 55 mph!

Temp Range   -40° F to +140° F
Lengths   62", 66", 72", 78"
SunCoat Colors   Yellow, Red
PolyTechT   Orange, Yellow, Blue,
Green, Red, White
Items listed below are standard 66" length. Custom lengths and colors available.

Our unique PolyTech Coating™ totally blocks harmful ultraviolet light rays from reaching the resins and reinforcing fibers for at least 20 years. Saturated with bright pigments, UV stabilizers are added to ensure the color remains bright for years.

All Weather Decals: Our UV stable all-weather decals are available with many standard warning messages, or we can help you design your own custom decal.

Temperature Stable: Unaffected by temperature extremes. The Rhino FiberCurve™ will remain flexible from - 40º F to +140º F.




QTY P69212

Blue FiberCurve (Water) - 66" Length

QTY P69214

Blue FiberCurve (Blank) - 66" Length

QTY P69213

Green FiberCurve (Sewer) - 66" Length

QTY P69215

Green FiberCurve (Blank) - 66" Length

QTY P69230

Standard Slide Hammer Driver
NOTE: Call for Colors and Lengths not listed above.