Hydrant Not in Service (NIS) Bags

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PollardWater.com has a cost effective method to identify fire hydrants that are not functioning properly. N.I.S. BAGS can be installed within a matter of seconds and will stay firmly attached to a fire hydrant not in service. N.I.S. BAGS clearly display in BIG print the hydrant they are on is "NOT IN SERVICE".

Finally there is a method which requires no special tools or expertise to identify a hydrant that cannot or should not be used. All Utilities, Municipalities and Consultants should insist all hydrants not ready for service should be N.I.S. BAGGED!


1-11 pcs - $ 35.50 each
1 Dozen - $32.50 each (390.00 case of 12)
Inquire here about larger quantity pricing.


QTY P69250 Not in Service Bags - 1 Pouch (8 bags)

All Fire Hydrants that have yet to be approved for use must be covered and identified as being "NOT IN SERVICE". Identification Bags shall be N.I.S. BAGS.

N.I.S. BAGS shall be made of 27" x 42" x 4 mil rugged polypropylene material, orange in color and in bold print clearly show in very large, easy-to-read print the words "NOT IN SERVICE". Tie Straps are strongly recommended to firmly secure bags to the hydrant. Tie straps are not provided.