Rhino TriView FlexT 66 inch Marker Post


The TriView comes in 9 post colors and 6 cap colors designed to customize your utility marking system. Combine with decals to identify Test Stations, Vent Guards, Pipe Size, Valves, Manholes, Cable Type, and High Consequence Areas.

Temp Range   -40° F to +150° F
Length   48", 66", 72"
Colors   Orange, Yellow, White,
Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Brown
Custom decals are available.

The Rhino Triview Flex'sT (patented) triangular design ensures that your warning message can be seen from any direction. The Rhino TriView FlexT is so durable and flexible it can withstand repeated vehicle impacts and still snap back up to its original upright position.

Versatile: The Rhino TriView FlexT can be buried or slid over existing metal u-channel posts. The Rhino TriView FlexT is also available in short sections which can be used as toppers on metal posts.

Easy Installation: Simply use our EZ Auger to dig a hole, drop the TriView Flex into the hole and tamp in the soil around the pre-cut anchor built into the TriView. To install over metal posts remove the old sign and slide the Rhino TriView FlexT over the metal post.

Flexible: The unique triangular shape and material of the Rhino TriView FlexT allows it to bend and rebound when struck by a vehicle, even at speeds up to 50 M.P.H.The Rhino TriView FlexT will withstand repeated hits and still effectively mark your pipeline or cable.

All Weather Decals: Our UV stable all-weather decals are available with many standard warning messages, or we can help you design your own custom decal.

Temperature Stable: Unaffected by temperature extremes. The Rhino TriView FlexT will remain flexible from - 40º F to +150º F.




QTY P69254

TriView Marker 66", Blue with (3) Warning Water Pipeline Decal

QTY P692541

TriView Marker Only, 66", Blue
(no decal)

QTY P69255

TriView Marker 66", Green with (3)
Warning Sewer Pipeline Decal

QTY P692551

TriView Marker Only, 66", Green
(no decal)

QTY P69236

EZ Auger for Triview Markers