Rhino Hybrid 3-Rail Utility Marking Post

Our standard and generic decals have been designed to create the greatest impact and visibility.

Custom decals are also available.

Temp Range   -40° F to +140° F
Lengths   66", 72"
Colors   Orange, Yellow, White,
Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Brown
Custom decals are available.

The Rhino Hybrid 3-Rail incorporates the best qualities of fiberglass and plastic. Specially designed reinforcing fibers are blended with UV stable plastic to create a flat post with the bright color of plastic and the impact resistance of the combined fiberglass and plastic.

Rhino's hybrid posts keep their color much long than standard fiberglass posts. This 66" hybrid post has no exposed fibers that can cause skin irritation or fiberbloom. Its design allows the post to bend over when hit, then snap back into its normal upright position. The Hybrid 3-Rail can be driven directly into most soils.

All Weather Decals: Our UV stable all-weather decals are available with many standard warning messages, or we can help you design your own custom decal.

Temperature Stable: Unaffected by temperature extremes. The Rhino Hybrid 3-Rail will remain flexible from - 40º F to +140º F.




QTY P69360

Hybrid 3-Rail Marker 66", Blue with Warning Water Pipeline Decal

QTY P693601

Hybrid 3-Rail Marker Only, 66", Blue

QTY P69361

Hybrid 3-Rail Marker 66", Green with Warning Sewer Pipeline Decal

QTY P693611

Hybrid 3-Rail Marker Only, 66", Green

QTY P69230

Standard Slide Hammer Driver