RootX Foaming Root Control
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RootX Foaming Root Control

free mixing funnel with 2-pound or 4-pound case, 12 jars per case
order funnel separately below for non-case quantities

  • A non-systemic contact root control
  • Kills roots in contact, not the tree or plant itself
  • Creates powerful root killing foam on contact with water
  • Safe, effective, and simple....Just add water!
  • One 2 pound jar will handle approximately 50 feet of 4-inch pipe
  • Leaves residue above water line to kill roots and inhibit new growth for up to 12 months
  • FLORIDA RESIDENTS - due to your High Water Table, Rootx can NOT be applied to a line that empties into a Septic System. Check with local code officials prior to use.
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RootX Root Control, 2 lb. Jar

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RootX Root Control, 4 lb Jar


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Mixing Funnel for RootX