P50 or P100 PipeTool
Plastic Water Pipe Locator
Model P50 PipeTool™ Model P100 PipeTool™
  • Works with transondes on hydrants, water meter bases, and sprinkler systems
  • Wireless Pole Probe with auto power-up/power down keeps hands free to operate receiver
  • Large LCD display allows precision peak signal measurement for increased accuracy
  • Choose a Locator and Transonde for your specific application

The Model P50 PipeTool™ offfers the proven reliability and performance of the RD500 Receiver developed about 20 years ago. This unit will be our most cost effective pipe locator system and we believe th emost cost effective plastic pipe locator system available. Reliability is assured becaseu we are using the technologies and internal components that have been field tested for over 20 years in locations all around the world. The P50 comes with a special carry case that has compartments for the receiver with the spike installed, a hard surface plate, and the headphones needed for use.

The receiver is supplied with a 9 volt battery and is ready for use as soon as it is remove from the case, eliminating the need for any external power sources. The MOdel P50 PipeTool™ is fully compatible with any of the PipeTool transmitter kits also available below.

For the more experienced pipe locator pro we offer the Model P100 PipeTool™. This unit offers improved reliability and performance over the RD500 Receiver. Reliability is improved by removing the external controls, most of the cables and the meter from the probe pole and providing a highly reliable slick pole with only a single push-button membrane switch on the top. The most frequent items repaired on RD500 receivers are broken control cables, control housings, meters and headphones. All of these items have been removed from the probe pole and relocated in a separate receiver.

The small meter utilitzed in the RD500 receiver has been replaced with a large digital bar graph disply that improves the location resolution. The bar graph is contained in a rugged case that may be worn on a belt clip or hand-held. The Probe Pole and the Receiver are connected using wireless radio technology. We have added frequency adjustments to improve the clarity of the received signal and increase location range. Some P100 customers have reported location ranges up to double those provided by their RD500 receivers. The P100 is fully compatible with all PipeTool™ Transmitter kits.


There are three different transmitter kits compatible with either the Model P50 or P100 PipeTool pipe locator systems when used in proper application. These kits include the hoses, fittings and adapters most often needed for quick connection at the source. Transmitters are connected at sprinkler heads, water meter bases, and fire hydrant/cleanouts. They are color coded for ease of identification at the job site as they are calibrated specifically prior to shipment in order to provide the maximum performance for each application.

RED Transonde HIGH power kit for Fire Hydrants: Specifically calibrated for use in water mains above 4" in diameter. Connection hydrant is via a 2-1/2" Female NST adapter.
YELLOW transonde MEDIUM power kit for Meters: Specifically calibrated for use in meter pit hook-ups. Connection to meter setters via 3/4", 1" or 1-1/4" NPT connectors.
GREEN transonde LOW power kit for Sprinklers: Specifically calibrated for use in sprinkler systerms outside of the house. Connection via a hose bibb connector.



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50 PipeTool™ - Plastic Pipe Locator, Receiver

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P100 PipeTool™ - Plastic Pipe Locator, Receiver

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Fire Hydrant (High Power) Pack Transmitter (A)

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Water Meter (Medium Power) Pack Transmitter (B)

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Sprinkler/Hose Bibb (Low Power) Transmitter (C)