Hydrant Pressure Recorder
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  • Now recorder can be used for 7 Day or 24 Hour
  • Switch from 7 Day to 24 Hr with a flip of a switch
  • Charts are either 7 Day or 24 Hour
  • Water and dust resistant case
  • Durable and compact - charts are 4"
  • Operates up to one year on a single AA battery
  • ON/OFF switch for battery savings
  • Accuracy of ±2% full scale
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Chart paper sold separately

Dickson has upgraded their Hydrant Pressure Recorders so they can be use in either a 7 Day or 24 Hour recording capacity with the flip of a switch. Charts ARE NOT dual read. Charts are either 7 day or 24 hour and must be ordered separately. The PW4 weather-resistant pressure recorder is housed in a Velox PBT NEMA 4X case with a Plexiglas window. This Lightweight 4" recorder will provide protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing water and hose-directed water.

Your pressure recorders will come standard with two economy filter snubbers (one attached to the unit, one separate). When the filter snubber becomes clogged, simply replace it with the other filter provided. We highly recommend that you use a filter to prevent downtime from clogging of the unit with debris from your water mains and to prevent costly and untimely repairs. You can order filters, 24 hr or 7 day chart paper and pens also.





Switchable 7 Day & 24 Hr, 100 PSI Hydrant Recorder, 2-1/2" Female NST


Switchable 7 Day & 24 Hr, 200 PSI Hydrant Recorder, 2-1/2" Female NST


Switchable 7 Day & 24 Hr, 300 PSI Hydrant Recorder, 2-1/2" Female NST

QTY P675026

Economy Filter Snubber 

QTY R022

Filter Kit (with interchangeable stones for different fluid viscosities)

QTY P222

Replacement Pens - Red - 6 pack.  This recorder only will accept red pens