Water Treatment Plant Operation Volume 2
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  • A Field Study Training Program by the California State University at Sacramento.

  • This course is a continuation of Volume I designed to train operators in the safe and effective operation and maintenance of drinking water treatment plants.

  • Contents : Iron and Manganese Control, Fluoridation, Softening, Trihalomethanes, Demineralization, Handling and Disposal of Process Wastes, Maintenance, Instrumentation, Safety, Advanced Laboratory Procedures, Drinking Water Regulations, Administration

  • Water Treatment Plant Operation - Volume 1



This course is designed to train operators in the practical aspects of operating and maintaining water treatment plants, with emphasis on the use of safe practices and procedures. Information is presented on drinking water regulations (including the Safe Drinking Water Act), iron and manganese control, fluoridation, softening, trihalomethanes, demineralization, handling and disposal of process wastes, maintenance, instrumentation, and advanced laboratory procedures. Administrative procedures for dealing with budgeting, setting rates, recordkeeping, personnel administration, public relations, and emergency planning are also covered in this course.




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Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volume 2