Operations of Wastewater Treatment Plants,   Volume 2
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  • A Field Study Training Program by the California State University at Sacramento.

  • This course is designed to train operators in the safe and effective operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants (continuation of Volume I).

  • Contents : Activated Sludge (Operation of Conventional Activated Sludge Plants), Sludge Digestion and Solids Handling, Effluent Disposal, Plant Safety and Good Housekeeping, Maintenance, Laboratory Procedures and Chemistry, Applications of Computers for Plant O & M, Analysis and Presentation of Data, Records and Report Writing

  • Operation of WW Treatment Plants v1


This course is designed to train operators in the practical aspects of operating and maintaining wastewater treatment plants, with emphasis on the use of safe practices and procedures. Topics covered include conventional activated sludge processes, sludge digestion and solids handling, effluent disposal, plant safety and good housekeeping, plant and equipment maintenance, laboratory procedures and chemistry, use of computers for plant operation and maintenance, analysis and presentation of data, and records and report writing. Operators will also learn how to analyze and solve operational problems and how to perform the mathematical calculations relating to wastewater treatment process control.




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Operations of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume 2