Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume 2
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  • A Field Study Training Program by the California State University at Sacramento.
  • This course is designed to train operators in the safe and effective operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Contents: The Industrial Plant Operator, Fixed Growth Processes (Trickling Filters and Rotating Biological Contactors), Activated Sludge Process Control, Sequencing Batch Reactors, Enhanced Biological Treatment, Anaerobic Treatment, Residual Solids Management, Maintenance
  • Industrial Waste Treatment v1


This course is designed to train operators in the practical aspects of operating and maintaining industrial wastewater treatment plants, with emphasis on the use of safe practices and procedures. Topics covered include the importance and responsibilities of an industrial treatment plant operator, fixed growth processes (trickling filters and rotating biological contactors), activated sludge process control, sequencing batch reactors, enhanced biological treatment (including nitrogen and phosphorus removal), anaerobic treatment, residual solids management, and plant and equipment maintenance. Operators will learn how to operate these treatment processes under normal and abnormal conditions and how to analyze and solve operational problems.




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Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume 2