Pretreatment Facility Inspection
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  • A Field Study Training Program by the California State University at Sacramento.

  • This course is designed to train inspectors to use safe and efficient procedures for inspecting industrial pretreatment facilities.

  • Contents: The Pretreatment Facility Inspector. Pretreatment Program Administration, Development and Application of Regulations, Inspection of a Typical Industry, Safety in Pretreatment Inspection and Sampling Work, Sampling Procedures for Wastewater, Wastewater Flow Monitoring, Industrial Wastewaters, Pretreatment Technology (Source Control), Industrial Inspection Procedures, Emergency Response



The purpose of this course is to train operators to become pretreatment facility inspectors and/or to improve the knowledge and skills of current inspectors. The course stresses the duties and responsibilities, including ethical responsibilities, of a pretreatment inspector. Topics covered include the development and application of regulations, sources of industrial wastewater, source control processes and procedures, how to monitor wastewater flows, and how to collect and transport representative samples. Operators will also learn how to respond to emergencies, limit the impact of an incident, and take enforcement action. Administrative topics include public relations, planning and funding an industrial waste pretreatment program, developing a database management program, and implementing an industrial waste monitoring program. Detailed procedures are provided to help operators prepare for an inspection. Also included are lists of pertinent questions that should be answered when inspecting various types of industries.




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Pretreatment Facility Inspection