K-7500 3"-10" Drain and Sewer Line Cleaner
K7500 Standard Equipment (Included in All Machine Options)
  • T-406 Spear Blade,
  • T-407 Retrieving Auger,
  • T-411 2" Double Cutter,
  • T-413 3" Double Cutter,
  • T-414B 4" Double Cutter - (Blade only),
  • T-416B 6" Double Cutter - (Blade only),
  • T-408 Sawtooth Cutter,
  • T-403 3" P-Trap Cutter,
  • T-4683/4 " Flexible Leader,
  • Leather Gloves,
  • Tool Box,
  • Hex Key

The performance, cable control, durability, and maneuverability demanded by professional users. Ideal for any tough job, such as roots up to 250'.  Recommend ⅝" cable for 3" to 6" drain lines up to 250'.  Recommend ¾" cable for 4" to 10" drain lines up to 250'.  Cable spins at 200 RPM.

Powerful, yet quiet, 4/10 Hp universal motor and gearbox bear down as cutter engages tough obstructions. Provides audible and visual signal to operator.

Inner-drum and ball bearing distributor arm work with motor/gearbox system to reduce chance of cable flip-over. Main and inner drums won't rust, split, or dent ever, and clean easily for professional appearance. Main drum holds up to 125' of ¾" cable or 150' of ⅝" cable.

Powerful feed mechanism has grease fittings and an open design for easy maintenance; advances and retrieves cable up to 22' per minute. Patented two position stair climber eases transport and loading eliminates extra cost for loading wheels. Narrow profile allows machine to fit through bathroom doors. Handles adjust to desired height to ensure balanced transport.

CSA Approved




QTY R59562

K-7500 Machine with ¾" Pigtail

QTY R61102

K-7500 Machine with ⅝" Pigtail

QTY R61112

K-7500 with C-24 ⅝" x 100' Inner Core Cable

QTY R60062

K-7500 with  C-75 ¾" x 75' Inner Core Cable

QTY R60052

K-7500 with C-100 ¾" x 100' Inner Core Cable

QTY R60067

K-7500 with C-100HC ¾" x 100' Hollow Core Cable