Raven Cortaker Max
  • Two Internal O-Rings Prevent Leaking
    or Sample Loss
  • Great for Heavy Sludge Samples
  • Designed for Septic Tanks & Grease Traps
The Coretaker Max is designed to take up heavy sludge in grease traps and septic tanks. When sheperd's hook is released, the valve slams shut to secure the sample.

In addition to aiding in sample collection the shepherd's hook allows you to keep the valve open for flushing from the clean end at the top. Check valves two internal O-rings prevent leaking and sample loss.

Water rated black numbered markers on yellow background make taking accurate measurements easy.

All Coretaker Max samplers are constructed of clear polycarbonate tubing with ultra violet stabilizer to inhibit oxidation. Fitting and valve are CNC machined of black UHMW plastic.

Dimensions: 1.50" (38.1 mm) tube diameter, 2.5 " maximum diameter at valve and 0.0625" (1.59 mm) wall thickness.

2-Piece models snap together with stainless steel fasteners and disassemble for easier transport. All 2-piece models include carrying case.



QTY RB404045

Coretaker Max 5', no Case

QTY RB404048

Coretaker Max 8', no Case

QTY RB405006

Coretaker Max 2-Piece, 6' Total w/Case

QTY RB405008

 Coretaker Max 2-Piece, 8' Total w/Case