Accident Prevention Tags

Header style tags meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z535.5) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA 29 CFR - 1910.145(f)) requirements. These standards provide specifications, design, application, and use of accident prevention tags. Tags are to identify a temporary hazard until that hazard is eliminated or hazardous operation is complete. Available in packages of 25.


POPULAR STANDARD TAGS - Tags are available in two back styles - noted under each tag as A and B. The choice depends on the requirements of the message and space for writing in 'remarks'.

Style A

Style B



  • Write or sketch your wording/idea. It does not have to be exact. Don't forget to indicate your colors. We put together your ideas, space it out to fit and send you a proof, just to make sure you get what you need!
  • Select an OSHA or ANSI heading (if necessary) or specify your color combination
  • Determine size
  • Choose material that best suits your needs
  • Decide how many you need then E-mail or fax us your quote/order request

15-mil, plastic tags are tear-resistant, weatherproof, and resistant to chemicals, grease, and dirt. 6" x 3-1/2" with 3/8" hole, reinforced by a pull-proof, metal grommet.




QTY 5067516

Blank with "Style A" back

QTY 5067313

Blank with "Style B" back

QTY 5067579

"Defective Equipment" with "Style A" back

QTY 4929092

"Defective Equipment" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067211

"Do Not Enter" with "Style A" back

QTY 5067292

"Do Not Enter" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067655

"Do Not Operate" with "Style A" back

QTY 5067268

"Do Not Operate" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067645

"Do Not Start" with "Style A" back

QTY 5067535

"Do Not Start" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067229

"Hands Off" with "Style A" back

QTY 5067497

"Hands Off" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067466

"Out Of Order" with "Style A" back

QTY 5067463

"Out Of Order" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067540

"Unsafe Do Not Use" with "Style A" back

QTY 5067254

"Unsafe Do Not Use" with "Style B" back

QTY 5067203

Blank caution tag with yellow background and "Style A" back

QTY 4929064

Blank caution tag with yellow background and "Style B" back

QTY 5067212

"Do Not Operate" caution tag with yellow background and "Style A" back

QTY 5067403

"Do Not Operate" caution tag with yellow background and "Style B" back


QTY 4928979

"Do Not Operate" lockout tag

QTY 5067295

"Do Not Start" lockout tag

QTY 4929028

"Locked Out" lockout tag

QTY 5067195

Bilingual lockout tag