Skid-Gard™ Floor Tapes


Place anti-skid floor tape on walkways, ramps, loading docks, steps, stairways, tailgates and more to help maintain safe stepping workplace on wet or greasy floors.

Tape has an aggressive 60-grit aluminum oxide compound layer impregnated into a thick PVC base. This durable surface ensures safe-footing by providing good grip, wear resistance, weatherability and water resistance under normal traffic conditions for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Installs quickly with high-track acrylic adhesive back. Peel off liner and adhere to most clean, smooth, dry surfaces. Maintains a waterproof seal - resisting sliding, buckling, wrinkling and peeling.

Certified by the National Flooring Safety Institute 101-A for "High Traction". Available in black in 60-ft. rolls.




QTY 5067637

Skid-Gard - 1"x60'

QTY 4928990

Skid-Gard - 2"x60'

QTY 5067585

Skid-Gard - 3"x60'

QTY 5067274

Skid-Gard - 4"x60'

QTY 5067219

Skid-Gard - 6"x60'

QTY 4929061

Skid-Gard - 12"x60'