Comfort Mate™ Anti-Fatigue Matting

Tapered edge (1/2" models only)

Squared-off edge (7/8" models only)

Connectors for 7/8" squared-off models. Connect multiple mats together!

Comfort Mate™ black's grease resistant rubber compound withstands most greases, oils and chemicals. Comfort MateT 1/2" features ramp borders for smooth transition from mat to floor while the 7/8" offers squared-off edges allowing multiple mats to be joined by use of "Connectors." Comfort MateT Red is made of a grease and oil proof nitrile rubber compound. Both red and black are designed with large holes for maximum drainage. Recommended for wet environments.



QTY 4935441

Comfort Mate, 33"x60", 1/2", Black

QTY 5095463

Comfort Mate, 33"x60", 1/2", Red

QTY 5095351

Comfort Mate, 33"x60", 7/8", Black

QTY 5095512

Comfort Mate, 33"x60", 7/8", Red

QTY 5091699

Connectors, Black

QTY 5095548

Connectors, Red