DBI Triple D Vest Style Rescue Harness
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Don
  • Polyester webbing for added durability
  • Exclusive patent pending Delta No-Tangle design
  • Back and shoulder D rings
  • adjustable non-slip chest strap
  • Universal sized
  • Tongue Buckle Leg Straps shown at left

This lightweight and easy to don harness is used for general fall protection in any industry. Harness combines maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use without sacrificing safety. With the addition of shoulder retrieval D-rings, it is ideal for rescue applications but also can be used for fall arrest and restraint.

Constructed of polyester webbing for added durability. Designed to securely retain you in case of a fall and distribute the impact forces throughout your body. Exclusive patent pending Delta No-Tangle design holds the shape of the harness, adding to your comfort, and making it easier to put on.

Other features include back D-ring, shoulder D-rings, adjustable non-slip chest strap, parachute buckles on lower shoulder straps and tongue buckle leg straps. Meets or exceeds all applicable undustry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359. Universal sized.




QTY SDB1101254

Harness with Tongue Buckle Leg Straps

QTY SDB1101828

Harness with Parachute Leg Straps