DBI Tripods and Components

SDB8003238 SDB8005048 Bracket
with SDB810300 Winch

Tripod Manual

These devices are used to provide an achorage for the mechanical device and a rescue, work positioning, fall arrest, or material handling support for the users.


DBI Tripods feature the following characterisctics:

  • Adjustable locking legs adjust quickly in increments of 2¾" for added versatility and are kept in position with locking push pins - adjusts from 5 ft. to 7 ft. height and will span a 5 ft. diameter hole
  • Heat treated cast aluminum head incorporates a built-in pulley system to rout lifeline of mechanical device directly over opening. Also equipped with drop forged steel eyebolts for use as anchorage point for secondary or back-up system, designed to allow the eyebolt to hand plumb regardless of surface configuration
  • Complete with quick-mount bracket for attachment of DBI/SALA mechanical device for ease of use
  • Additional (back-up) mechanical devices can be mounted to tripod with optional bracket/pulleys
  • Rated working load is 350 lbs. for work support and 310 lbs. for fall arrest, can withstand up to 5,000 lbs. of vertical pull
  • Underwriters Laboratories tested and classified
  • Meets or exceeds the strength requirements for anchorage's (5,000 lbs.), ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10.14 and OSHA requirements



QTY SDB8000000

7' Tripod with Pulley

QTY SDB9503094

7' Tripod Carrying Bag

QTY SDB8000010

9' Tripod with Pulley

QTY SDB9503095

9' Tripod Carrying Bag

QTY SDB8005048

Leg Mount Bracket For Additional Winch

QTY SDB8103000

Work Winch

QTY SDB8003238

Leg Mount Pulley

QTY SDB8003205

Snatch Block / Pulley