Justrite Safety Cabinets

Justrite's cabinets are constructed of sturdy 18-guage double steel with 1-1/2" of insulating air space for fire resistance. High performance, self-latching doors close easily and securely for maximum protection under fire conditions. Fail-safe closing mechanism ensures three-point latching system works every time.

Exclusive "spill-catcher" galvanized steel shelves catch incidental drips and adjusts to 2-1/4" centers for versatile storage. Other extras include a leak tight 2" bottom sump, dual vents with flame arrestors, four adjustable leveling feet, grounding connector and trilingual warning label. Finished inside and out with a durable lead-free epoxy/polyester powder paint for chemical resistance, each cabinet is backed by an exclusive 10-year warranty. FM Approved.




QTY SJU893000

Dimensions: 44"x43"x18", 30 gal, Manual Close

QTY SJU893020

Dimensions: 44"x43"x18", 30 gal, Self Close

QTY SJU894500

Dimensions: 65"x43"x18", 45 gal, Manual Close

QTY SJU894520

Dimensions: 65"x43"x18", 45 gal, Self Close

QTY SJU896000

Dimensions: 65"x34"x34", 60 gal, Manual Close

QTY SJU896020

Dimensions: 65"x34"x34", 60 gal, Self Close

QTY SJU899000

Dimensions: 65"x43"x34", 90 gal, Manual Close

QTY SJU899020

Dimensions: 65"x43"x34", 90 gal, Self Close