Solinst Levelogger® Edge, Junior & LTC Junior

  • New Levelogger Edge
  • Lightning Protected Electronics
  • Versatile Datalogging and Powerful Software

The new Levelogger Edge has improved stability and reliability with the introduction of the new Hastelloy® pressure sensor and Titanium based PVD coating. Both elements add increased corrosion resistance in harsh environments, as well as making readings more stable in extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

The Levelogger Edge features a wider temperature compensated pressure range (0 to 50ºC) and improved thermal response time. The Hastelloy sensor can withstand 2 times over-pressure without permanent damage. The Levelogger Edge also features lightning protection and high resolution and reliability with an accuracy of 0.05%. Accurate barometric compensation is provided by the Barologger Edge.

The Levelogger Edge memory provides up to 120,000 readings of level and temperature set up in individual logs. The user has a choice of slate or continuous logging when operating in linear mode. In event-based and schedule sampling, memory is a form of circular slate, which starts logging from the end of the last log and wraps around to eventually overwrite older logs, but which stop at the start of the current log.

A separate redundant memory provides backup of the last 1200 readings. The Levelogger Junior (32,000 readings) and LTC Levelogger Junior (16,000 readings), both come with a 5 yr battery and a 1 yr warranty.


Direct Read Cable
When its desired to get real-time data and communicate with Leveloggers without removal from the water, they can be deployed using direct read cables.

The upper end of the cable is attached to a portable computer or Leveloader via a USB or RS232 PC Interface Cable. This allows viewing of the data, downloading and/or programming in the field. An SDI-12 Interface Cable is also available.


Improved Software
The new Levelogger PC Software is more streamlined, making it easier to program dataloggers, and view and compensate data. The software has more useful programming options, including compressed and repeat sampling, and a future stop option.

Data compensation has been simplified, and allows multiple data files to be barometrically compensated at once.

Communication speed between the Levelogger Edge and the PC has increased with the new Optical Reader, making downloading data faster.

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QTY SOL40010

Model: LT Edge F15, Range: 0 - 16.4, FT Resolution: 0.010

QTY SOL40011

Model: LT Edge F30, Range: 0 - 32.8, FT Resolution: 0.016

QTY SOL40012

Model: LT Edge F65, Range: 0 - 65.6, FT Resolution: 0.032

QTY SOL40013

Model: LT Edge F100, Range: 0 - 98.4, FT Resolution: 0.064

QTY SOL40014

Model: LT Edge F300, Range: 0 - 328.1, FT Resolution: 0.164

QTY SOL40017

Model: Barologger Edge, Range: 0 - 4.92, FT Resolution: 0.002

QTY SOL40040

Model: LT Jr Edge F15, Range: 0 - 16.4, FT Resolution: 0.028

QTY SOL40041

Model: LT Jr Edge F30, Range: 0 - 32.8, FT Resolution: 0.032

QTY SOL40042

Model: LTC Jnr F30/C50, Range: 0 - 32.8, FT Resolution: 0.021

QTY SOL40043

Model: LTC Jnr F100/C50, Range: 0 - 98.4, FT Resolution: 0.021

QTY SOL30020

Standard Comm Package USB

QTY SOL30021

Direct Read Comm Pkg USB

QTY SOL30022

15 FT Direct Read Cable

QTY SOL30023

50 FT Direct Read Cable

QTY SOL30024

100 FT Direct Read Cable Asm

QTY SOL30025

200 FT Direct Read Cable Asm

QTY SOL30026

250 FT Direct Read Cable Asm

QTY SOL30027

300 FT Direct Read Cable Asm

QTY SOL30028

USB Cable for Direct Read Cables

QTY SOL30030

Leveloader Download Device