Snyder Horizontal Tanks
  • Great for mobile and
    stationary installations
  • Complies with FDA Regulation
    177.1520 and NSF standard 61


Snyder horizontal tanks are perfect for either mobile or stationary installations. They are constructed from 100% HDLPE materials that comply with FDA Regulation 177.1520 and meet NSF 60 standards. All tanks include a standard manway. There are many different material options to suit almost any liquid storage application. Tanks are available up to 3,400 gallons. The tanks listed below are rated to 1.9 specific gravity and below (other ratings are available upon request). Many different fittings are available for specific applications. These fittings are installed by the factory before shipment occurs.

Factory installed fittings: when placing an order, the fittings needed must be specified at the time of order. A tank drawing will be sent for a sketched fitting placement. Orders with installed fittings cannot be processed without this information.

Additional notes: if being installed in a mobile application steel bands are required.

General Purpose Tanks for use with ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid (up to 37%), hydrofluosilicic acid (up to 26%), hydrogen peroxide (up to 50%), sodium hydroxide (up to 50%).


QTY S1080000N45

Capacity: 30 Gallons
Dimensions: 23" X 20" Diameter x 26" Height

QTY S1060000N45

Capacity: 60 Gallons
Dimensions: 23" x 39" Diameter x 26" Height

QTY S1120000N45

Capacity: 125 Gallons
Dimensions: 30" x 49" Diameter x 35" Height

QTY S1280000N45

Capacity: 230 Gallons
Dimensions: 38" x 52" Diameter x 43" Height

QTY S1320000N45

Capacity: 300 Gallons
Dimensions: 38" x 72" Diameter x 43" Height

QTY S1400000N45

Capacity: 525 Gallons
Dimensions: 48" x 75" Diameter x 53" Height

QTY S1360000N45

Capacity: 730 Gallons
Dimensions: 54" x 80" Diameter x 58" Height
Hoop assemblies included.

QTY S1440000N45T

Capacity: 1025 Gallons
Dimensions: 48" x 139" Diameter x 50" Height
Hoop assemblies included.

QTY S339093

For 30 and 60 Gallon Tanks

QTY S339094

For 125 Gallon Tank

QTY S339095

For 230 and 300 Gallon Tanks

QTY S339096

For 525 Gallon Tank

QTY S347014

J-Bolt Pack for Bands
One Pack per Tank required