Survivair Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA)
  • NIOSH approved
  • Hoods fits easily over eye glasses
  • Flexible hood has large opening with drawstring, offering a proper fit to wearers
  • Clear tuftane film hood with permanent anti-fog coating


Every second counts! That is why Honeywell has designed an advanced emergency Survivair Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA-5 and EBA-10) that is so easy to use. It's so easy it can be donned and functioning in seconds. These EBA's supply either five or ten minutes of emergency breathing air, giving workers the time they need to safely escape from toxic or oxygen deficient atmospheres.

One of the biggest problems people have with the hoods of escape breathing units is getting them quickly over bulky eyeglasses, full beards and hardhats. The Survivair EBA-5/10 easily solves this problem. With one simple adjustment, our large-opening, flexilbe hood offers a proper fit to wearers.

An elastic drawstring provides a secure neck seal for minimum leakage and maximum protection. Besides a good fit, this hood also offers durability and resistance to temperature extremes. Made of clear Tuftane film, its operating temperatures are from 0 160 degrees F. A permanent anti-fog film laminated inside the hood ensures maximum visibility.

EBA's feature a valve and pressure assembly, breathing tube, protective air hood and regulator assembled in a carry pouch for added convenience.




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Survivair EBA, 5 Minutes

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Survivair EBA, 10 Minutes