Tank Alert® AB & AB DUO Level Alarms

  • Ideal for indoor sumps and holding tanks
  • Auto reset and backup battery
  • Complete and ready to use with float switch

The Tank Alert AB and AB DUO alarm systems monitor liquid levels in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural, and other water applications. The alarm horn sounds when an alarm condition occurs. The horn can be silences, but the alarm light remains on until the condition is remedied and then will automatcially reset. A green "Power On" light indicates 120 VAC primary power to the alarm. Low battery chirp feature indicates when battery should be replaced. DUO model has separate red and yellow visual indicators to quickly identify the alarm. Includes SignalMaster mechanical float switch with 15' cable fo rhigh level alarm use.




QTY 1669865

AB High Level Alarm

QTY 4555210

AB DUO High Level Alarm