Telescoping Aluminum Ladder

  • Heavy-duty industrial grade
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI specifications

Telescopic aluminum ladders are ideal where storage space is an issue. Its great if you are on a jobsite, in your car, and need immediate access to a 12' or 15' ladder.

Serrated steps are 1-1/2" deep and have spring loaded locking pins that automatically engage to secure step height. The release mechanism provides a smooth automatic closing design. Ladders extend in 12" increments. Top bumper guards and molded rubber feet protect walls and floors against scratches.




QTY 4933246

10' Telescoping Ladder, 225 lb capacity

QTY 4933255

12' Telescoping Ladder, 225 lb capacity

QTY 4933272

12' Extension Ladder, 300 lb capacity

QTY 5094318

15" Extension Ladder, 250 lb capacity