Kupferle's #1 Total Eclipse Yard Hydrant

  • Can accomodate any depth of bury
  • 1" and 3/4" models available
  • All brass working parts
  • Decorative casing guard standard
  • Self-draining, non-freezing
  • Best in performance and value!

Designed and engineered specifically for use in parks, campgrounds, golf courses and homes for non-drinking use. The #1 has a unique decorative, heavy cast iron top stock and four pronged turn handle. Tamper proof key operated option available. The Total Eclipse model #1 comes standard with all brass working parts, the option of 3/4" GHT or 1" MIP hose connection and 3/4" or 1" MIP inlet, self-draining non-freezing drain, key lock options and low-lead option also available.




QTY P68908

Total Eclipse #1 Yard Hydrant - 3/4"

QTY P68916

Total Eclipse #1 Yard Hydrant - 1"
Add to list price shown above for the following options: Additional DOB over 3' ($5.00 per 6"), 3/4" Vacuum Breaker for Nozzle ($45.00), 1" Check Valve for Nozzle ($82.00), Key Operated Top Stock ($21.70), Low Lead Brass ($51.00)