Motor Actuated Plug Valves

Suitable for effluent and sewage applications

Plug valves are commonly used with effluent containing a high level of solids. Motor actuated plug valves are ideal for locations difficult to access or when frequent operation is required.

Standard actuators listed here operate on 115V, 1- ph current and are sized for 100 psi service within a temperature range of -20°F to 158°F. They have IP 67 NEMA 4 and 6 enclosures, (2) auxiliary SPDT limit switches, heater, mechanical position indicator and manual override. Torque switches protect the motor should debris clog the throat of the valve. Alternate voltages, pressure to 175 psi, and local control station, and 4-20mA positioning are available as options.

Actuators listed below are operated with an SPDT control switch wired to a constant 120 VAC source. Actuators with 4-20mA positioning are available. Time listed below is the Nominal Open/Close Time in seconds.




QTY VAC10042

Size: 3", Time: 21, Wt. Lbs.: 69

QTY VAC10043

Size: 4", Time: 21, Wt. Lbs.: 95

QTY VAC10044

Size: 6", Time: 26, Wt. Lbs.: 145

QTY VAC10045

Size: 8", Time: 26, Wt. Lbs.: 235

QTY VAC10046

Size: 10", Time: 31, Wt. Lbs.: 340

QTY VAC10047

Size: 12", Time: 93, Wt. Lbs.: 535