EchoSonic II® Ultrasonic Level Switch/Control

  • Simple push button configuration
  • Pump simplex, duplex and triplex option
  • LCD display reads level and relay status



The EchoSwitch II ultrasonic multipoint switch and controller provides non-contact level detection up to 24.6 ft with 3 SPDT relays. EchoSwitch II features an intuitive push button configuration, eliminating the need for target calibration.

Each relay can be configured on a single set point to control pumps, valves or alarms. In addition, all 3 relays can be simplexed, duplexed or triplexed. EchoSwitch now features an integrated timer with pump/valve delay and timed pump alternation. The switch is well suited for a broad range of corrosive, waste and slurry type media. EchoSwitch is broadly selected for atmospheric day tanks, pump lift stations and waste sump applications.

Repeatability:   0.25"
Beam Width:   3"
Dead Band:   LU77: 4", LU78: 8"
Display:   LCD, Inch or cm
Display Modes:   Air Gap or Liquid Height
Supply Voltage:   95-250 VAC
Relays:   3 SPDT @ 60 VA, 1A max load
Operating Temperature:   -7 to 140 degrees F
Temperature Comp:   Automatic
Enclosure:   NEMA 4X (IP65), polycarbonate
Transducer Material:   PVDF
Process Mount:   LU77: 1" NPT, LU78: 2" NPT
Conduit Connection:   Two 1/2" NPT
Compliance:   RoHS
Approvals   CE



QTY VFL00021

Model: LU77, Range: 4 in to 16.4 FT

QTY VFL00023

Model: LU78, Range: 8 in to 26.2 FT

QTY VFL00075

Side Mount Bracket, 2” NPT

QTY VFL00076

Side Mount Bracket, 1” NPT