Flexi-Hinge® Blower Check Valves - Wafer Cast Iron


Reinforced silicone seals rated for 500°F
"Next Generation Design" for long life

Flexi-Hinge check valves have features which make them ideal for use with positive displacement and centrifugal blowers. They are designed for maximum air flow with minimal pressure loss, while providing positive reverse flow sealing at low flows and low backpressure (0.5 psi) without the need for springs.

Valve life is extended because of three important Flexi-Hinge features: When fully closed the valve seal backing plates rest against the internal center hinge post without pinching the elastomer hinge/seal. When fully open the valve plates rest against a Teflon® covered stop to prevent the valve plates from fluttering. For maximum flex life and sealing performance, the Silicone sealing member is reinforced with NomexT mesh.

Threaded bodies are painted aluminum with Silicone seals backed by aluminum valve plates. Cast iron wafer bodies are painted and use the same internals as the threaded bodies. Replacement repair kits fit all valves.

Note that Silicone seals are for use with air, not water. We can supply Flexi-Hinge check valves with steel and stainless steel bodies and EPDM, VitonT and other sealing members for water service. Springs are also available as an option.

For maximum life in blower service, Flexi-Hinge valves should be installed with the center pin vertical in horizontal pipelines. Vertical upflow does not require any special considerations, but vertical downflow may likely require an optional spring to ensure closure of the valve plates. In ALL cases, Flexi-Hinge valves should be located a minimum of 5 pipe diameters (preferably 10) from any valves or fittings in order to maintain stable laminar flow.

In PD blower applications, it is best to locate check valves on the discharge end of a silencer. Pulsating and/or turbulent airfl ow is one of the most common causes of reduced check valve life in STP blower systems.

Threaded Aluminum Flanged Steel (125# class)
Wafer Cast Iron Replacement Aluminum/Silicone Internal Repair Kits



QTY VFL10010

Wafer Cast Iron, Size (MNPT): 2", Length: 1-3/8"

QTY VFL10011

Wafer Cast Iron, Size (MNPT): 3", Length: 1-7/8"

QTY VFL10012

Wafer Cast Iron, Size (MNPT): 4", Length: 2-3/8"

QTY VFL10013

Wafer Cast Iron, Size (MNPT): 5", Length: 2-7/8"

QTY VFL10014

Wafer Cast Iron, Size (MNPT): 6", Length: 3-3/8"

QTY VFL10015

Wafer Cast Iron, Size (MNPT): 8", Length: 4-3/8"