GA Ball Check Valve

Designed for raw sewage and other viscous materials Best in combination with submersible sewage pumps

The GA ball check features a full flow area, clog proof design that has up to 50% less head loss than swing checks. It has only one moving part and is completely maintenance free. It can be mounted vertical or horizontal and is suitable for buried and valve vault installations.

Flanged ball check valves utilize a hollow metal ball, over which a thick Nitrile rubber cover has been vulcanized. In operation, the ball is guided to and from its seat by smooth ribs integrally cast into the cast iron housing wall. The ball moves freely in the housing and does not experience localized wear. NPT valves use a solid Hypalon ball. Rated 150 psi and 150°F. Flanges are ANSI B-16-1 Class 125.




QTY VGA10046

Size: 1-1/4" FNPT, Length: 8", Wt. (lbs): 12

QTY VGA10047

Size: 1-1/2" FNPT, Length: 8", Wt. (lbs): 12

QTY VGA10048

Size: 2" FNPT, Length: 9", Wt. (lbs): 20

QTY VGA10049

Size: 3" FLG, Length: 13-1/2", Wt. (lbs): 60

QTY VGA10050

Size: 4" FLG, Length: 17-1/2", Wt. (lbs): 100

QTY VGA10051

Size: 4" FLG, Length: 11-1/2", Wt. (lbs): 80

QTY VGA10052

Size: 6" FLG, Length: 24-1/4", Wt. (lbs): 230

QTY VGA10053

Size: 6" FLG, Length: 14", Wt. (lbs): 140