Hayward PVC True Union Ball Valves - PVC with EPDM Seals

Designed for superior durability

Hayward true union ball valves can take the day to day abuse of industrial service and continue to function. Advanced design features include a heavy wall PVC body, reversible PTFE seats with adjustable seat retainer, and double O-ring stem seals for twice the leakage protection. The true union design allows for easy removal of the valve without breaking down the piping system. If automation is ever considered, Hayward true union manual ball valves are designed to accept an actuator mounting bracket without any need for glued or clamp-on mounting pads. Working pressure is 225 psi at 70°F non-shock.


EPDM or FPM* seals are offered. Both work equally well with water. EPDM is recommended for use with sodium hydroxide. FPM is recommended for chlorine service. If you plan to use PVC valves with concentrated sodium hypochlorite chemical solutions, see the Hayward "Z" ball valves on the next page.

Valve sizes 1/2" through 2" come with both socket and threaded connections. Flanged connections are available. Other options include CPVC and polypropylene bodies, stem extensions, spring return handle, pneumatic and electric actuators, and 2" square operating nuts. Call for details.

* FPM is comparable to VitonT

Hayward PVC True Union Ball Valves - PVC with FPM Seals



QTY VHA10020

Pipe Size: 1/2", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 4.63"

QTY VHA10021

Pipe Size: 3/4", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 4.75"

QTY VHA10022

Pipe Size: 1", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 5.25"

QTY VHA10023

Pipe Size: 1-1/4", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 6.30"

QTY VHA10024

Pipe Size: 1-1/2", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 6.75"

QTY VHA10025

Pipe Size: 2", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 8.00"

QTY VHA10026

Pipe Size: 2-1/2", Connection: Threaded, Overall Length: 10.68"

QTY VHA10027

Pipe Size: 2-1/2", Connection: Socket, Overall Length: 10.68"

QTY VHA10028

Pipe Size: 3", Connection: Threaded, Overall Length: 10.56"

QTY VHA10029

Pipe Size: 3", Connection: Socket, Overall Length: 10.56"

QTY VHA10030

Pipe Size: 4", Connection: Threaded, Overall Length: 12.30"

QTY VHA10031

Pipe Size: 4", Connection: Socket, Overall Length: 12.30"

QTY VHA10032

Pipe Size: 6", Connection: Flange, Overall Length: 19.19"