Hayward "Z-Ball" Valves for Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite is an inherently unstable compound. As it decomposes, the resulting crystalline salts and oxygen gas can cause operational and safety issues with conventional ball valves.

The specially drilled "Z-Ball" keeps inner valve surfaces constantly vented and wetted to prevent crystallization of salts that can "freeze" the valve and make it inoperable. Z-Ball valves have a black handle and a special label identifying the direction of liquid flow. The drilled hole in the ball is always positioned on the upstream side of the ball.


Aside from the specially drilled ball, "Z-Ball" valves share the same features as Hayward standard true-union, full port ball valves. They have heavy-duty PVC bodies, reversible PTFE seats with a fine pitch threaded seat retainer for precise adjustment capability and double O-ring shaft seals.

All seals are FPM (comparable to VitonT). Options such as electric and pneumatic actuators, lockouts and stem extensions are available. Rated 250 psi at 70°F Non-shock.




QTY VHA10035

Pipe Size: 1/2", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 4.63"

QTY VHA10036

Pipe Size: 3/4", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 4.75"

QTY VHA10037

Pipe Size: 1", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 5.25"

QTY VHA10038

Pipe Size: 1-1/4", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 6.30"

QTY VHA10039

Pipe Size: 1-1/2", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 6.75"

QTY VHA10040

Pipe Size: 2", Connection: Socket/Threaded, Overall Length: 8.00"

QTY VHA10041

Pipe Size: 2-1/2", Connection: Threaded, Overall Length: 10.68"

QTY VHA10042

Pipe Size: 2-1/2", Connection: Socket, Overall Length: 10.68"

QTY VHA10043

Pipe Size: 3", Connection: Threaded, Overall Length: 10.56"

QTY VHA10044

Pipe Size: 3", Connection: Socket, Overall Length: 10.56"

QTY VHA10045

Pipe Size: 4", Connection: Threaded, Overall Length: 12.30"

QTY VHA10046

Pipe Size: 4", Connection: Socket, Overall Length: 12.30"