PVC Pressure Relief Valves

Relieves pressure from 5 to 75 psi

These pressure relief valves are designed to protect piping system components from damage due to over-pressurization.

Having no wetted metal parts, they are ideal for highly corrosive applications, including chlorine service. Pressure in excess of set pressure moves the valve piston off of its seat to relieve excess pressure by diverting flow out the discharge port.

Valve relief pressure can be set between 5 and 75 psi with a hand adjusting screw to increase or decrease tension of a non-wetted, plastic coated spring mounted internally over the piston. An integrally- molded 1/4" gauge port is standard and we offer gauges designed for use with a wide variety of chemicals as well as water.


Valves listed below have PVC bodies, which are rated for 150 psi at 70°F non-shock, and FPM (comparable to Viton T) seals.

EPDM seals and CPVC construction are available. The 1-1/2" and 2" sizes can be supplied with an optional low pressure spring for a range of 2-20 psi.

The chart below shows the discharge flow rates at a given set pressure and overpressure. For example, a 1" valve set to relieve at 30 psi would have a flow rate of 20 GPM out the discharge port at 10 psi of overpressure (or system pressure of 40 psi).




QTY VHA10080

Size: 1/2"

QTY VHA10081

Size: 3/4"

QTY VHA10082

Size: 1"

QTY VHA10083

Size: 1-1/2"

QTY VHA10084

Size: 2"

QTY VHA10085

Low pressure spring(1-1/2" and 2" only), no charge