Hayward PVC Y Check Valves

Full flow design
No corrosion

Y check valves operate without any need for adjustments or settings. A plastic coil (not a spring) supports and guides the disc inside the valve body.

When inlet flow stops, backpressure (a minimum of 2 psi/4.62 Ft. Hd is required) moves the disc with its elastomer O-ring onto a plastic seat - shutting off the flow.

Internals can be easily removed for inspection without disconnecting the valve body from the piping system by simply removing the heavy-duty hex cap.


PVC construction with FPM (comparable to VitonT) seals assure these valves will never jam or stick because of rust or corrosion.

Rated 150 psi @ 70°f non-shock. Mount vertically or horizontally.




QTY VHA10139

Threaded, Size: 1/2"

QTY VHA10140

Threaded, Size: 3/4"

QTY VHA10141

Threaded, Size: 1"

QTY VHA10142

Threaded, Size: 1-1/4"

QTY VHA10143

Threaded, Size: 1-1/2"

QTY VHA10144

Threaded, Size: 2"

QTY VHA10145

Threaded, Size: 2-1/2"

QTY VHA10146

Threaded, Size: 3"

QTY VHA10147

Threaded, Size: 4"

QTY VHA10148

Socket, Size: 1/2"

QTY VHA10149

Socket, Size: 3/4"

QTY VHA10150

Socket, Size: 1"

QTY VHA10151

Socket, Size: 1-1/4"

QTY VHA10152

Socket, Size: 1-1/2"

QTY VHA10153

Socket, Size: 2"

QTY VHA10154

Socket, Size: 2-1/2"

QTY VHA10155

Socket, Size: 3"

QTY VHA10156

Socket, Size: 4"