Hayward PVC Wafer Style Butterfly Valves

No metal, no corrosion

PVC butterfly valves are well-suited for aggressive water applications where metal valves are subject to corrosion or rust, which can create operational issues. Retrofitting is easy. All valve sizes meet industry face-to-face dimensions.

Hayward butterfly valves feature a blowout-proof 316 stainless steel stem, a unique, full body, V-notch liner and integrally molded face seal, which eliminates the need for extra gaskets. This means the process media never contacts the valve body and you can count on the EPDM full liner seal to perform reliably, year after year.


One piece body incorporates full supported flange bolt holes to prevent stressing of the companion flanges. All sizes listed below are rated at a full 150 psi @ 70°f non-shock.

Levers have 10-position stops and gear operators come with a handwheel. Available options include CPVC, and PPL construction, FPM and Nitrile liners, below-ground gear operators, extensions, and electric and pneumatic actuators. Larger sizes through 24" are available.




QTY VHA10193

Lever, Pipe Size: 2", Face to Face: 1.50"

QTY VHA10194

Lever, Pipe Size: 3", Face to Face: 2.00"

QTY VHA10195

Lever, Pipe Size: 4", Face to Face: 2.19"

QTY VHA10196

Lever, Pipe Size: 6", Face to Face: 2.31"

QTY VHA10197

Lever, Pipe Size: 8", Face to Face: 2.50"

QTY VHA10198

Gear, Pipe Size: 8", Face to Face: 2.50"