Three-Way Lateral Ball Valve

Diverting flow to the left, right or both ways at the same time can involve multiple valves and connections. Using a 3-way lateral ball valve can greatly simplify your piping layout by replacing valve/tee connection combinations and zero deadleg valves. Flow from the center port can be diverted either to the left port, right port or through both at the same time. There is no OFF position. True-union connections are standard on all sizes through 4", making installation easy. PVC construction is non-corrosive and the valve contains no metal parts. All sizes are rated 150 psi at 70°F non-shock. PTFE seats and FPM (comparable to VitonT) seals are standard.




QTY VHA10246

Pipe Size: 1/2", Connection: Socket/NPTF

QTY VHA10247

Pipe Size: 3/4", Connection: Socket/NPTF

QTY VHA10248

Pipe Size: 1", Connection: Socket/NPTF

QTY VHA10249

Pipe Size: 1-1/4", Connection: Socket/NPTF

QTY VHA10250

Pipe Size: 1-1/2", Connection: Socket/NPTF

QTY VHA10251

Pipe Size: 2", Connection: Socket/NPTF

QTY VHA10252

Pipe Size: 2-1/2", Connection: NPTF

QTY VHA10253

Pipe Size: 2-1/2", Connection: Socket

QTY VHA10254

Pipe Size: 3", Connection: NPTF

QTY VHA10255

Pipe Size: 3", Connection: Socket

QTY VHA10256

Pipe Size: 4", Connection: NPTF

QTY VHA10257

Pipe Size: 4", Connection: Socket

QTY VHA10258

Pipe Size: 6", Connection: Flange