Flanged Cast Iron Ball Valves

Teflon® fused solid ball
Excellent replacement for gate valves

The unique features offered by these valves make them suitable for water, wastewater and air applications. Positive shutoff exceeds Class VI. Full opening (full port through 6") provides superior flow characteristics. Standard valves come with a 2-position locking lever handle. 2" square nut, gear with hand wheel, and electric or pneumatic actuator are available options.

Teflon® surrounds the base to form a fused bond to a depth of 0.008" to which an additional 0.004" electrostatic coating is added for smoothness. This feature prevents pitting, prevents build-up, lowers torque and stops premature valve failure. This prevents build-up associated with turbid water applications.


American Valve flanged ball valves feature lead-free construction. The body is A126 Class B cast iron with FDA food-grade epoxy powder coat, stems are blow-out proof stainless steel, stem seals and reinforced seats are Teflon®.

Face to face dimensions conform to ANSI Standard B16.10, which exactly matches end to end dimensions of all cast iron gate and plug valves. Rated 125 PSI WSP (Working Steam Pressure) and 200 PSI (Water Oil Gas). Maximum operating temperature is 353°F. Ductile iron and stainless steel construction are also available from the manufacturer.




QTY VJI10007

Size FLG: 2", Face to Face: 7", Operator: Lever

QTY VJI10008

Size FLG: 2-1/2", Face to Face: 7-1/2", Operator: Lever

QTY VJI10009

Size FLG: 3", Face to Face: 8", Operator: Lever

QTY VJI10010

Size FLG: 4", Face to Face: 9", Operator: Lever

QTY VJI10011

Size FLG: 6", Face to Face: 10-1/2", Operator: Lever

QTY VJI10012

Size FLG: 6", Face to Face: 10-1/2", Operator: Gear

QTY VJI10013

Size FLG: 8", Face to Face: 11-1/2", Operator: Lever

QTY VJI10014

Size FLG: 8", Face to Face: 11-1/2", Operator: Gear

QTY VJI10015

Size FLG: 10", Face to Face: 13", Operator: Gear